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Do you dream of holding the key to longevity in physical and mental health and well-being in your hands? Would you like to slow down the ageing process by giving each of your cells what it really needs? Do you want to get rid of muscle and joint pain? Sleepwell? Have energy and joy of living? SIRT500 is your answer... Read our customers' reviews. .

Free 24-hour shipping in Italy and Switzerland for orders over 80€ /Chf - Secure payment method with PayPal technology



Sirt500 Plus is a high-end natural supplement. Thanks to the reactivation of sirtuins, it is able to naturally promote cell renewal, slowing down aging and strengthening the immune system. Its exclusive patent contains activators of sirtuins , a class of proteins studied since the 1990s by the Australian biologist David Sinclair and called the "fountain of youth" par excellence because it actually slows down ageing.


Sirt500 Plus is a natural food supplement consisting of sirtuin-activating polyphenols and minerals. I suoi componenti sono puri e di primissima qualità. Only extracted using solvent-free procedures, they are present in Sirt500 Plus in a very high concentration, considerably higher than in other supplements available on the market (*). Sirt500 Plus contains various polyphenols which activate the sirtuins and are therefore able to stimulate cell rejuvenation and support the immune system during ageing, as well as various minerals.


Sirt500 Plus is a food supplement in concentrated, easy-to-swallow tablets. One pack of Sirt500 Plus contains 60 slow-release 1-gram tablets. It is recommended to take Sirt500 Plus twice a day for adequate efficacy and absorption. The Sirt500 Spray solution creates a film/barrier that prevents and limits contact with external irritants such as viruses and bacteria, making it an indispensable aid not only during the winter period, but in all situations where social distancing is lacking.


Through years of research into substances capable of activating sirtuins, our international team of scientists first demonstrated their protective power against cerebral ischaemia and then their relationship with mechanisms linked to ageing. The result is Sirt500 Plus , a natural compound of sirtuin activators.


Collection of specific third-party studies related to the individual components used in Sirt500 Plus . Sirt500 Plus is listed in the protocol of Prof. Ricordi , former Director of the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) and Cell Transplant Center in Miami, Florida.


The most frequently asked questions and answers about Sirt500 Plus , including how our natural supplement differs from the main competitors in the market, its composition, how to take it and the main benefits of our antiviral and anti-aging product.

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