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ANTI-AGING SUPPLEMENTS: at what age to start to ensure healthy longevity?

Anti-aging supplements

Ageing affects everyone, no one excluded, and is a process of degeneration of cells, tissues and organs. It is a condition that continues with the passage of time even if, unfortunately, it is not strictly related to old age in the sense of anagraphic age but rather related to the biological age of each individual. In fact, already from the age of 30-35, the organism begins its slow but progressive decline that weakens and slows down metabolic and physiological functions. This is why it is important to start taking anti-aging supplements from that age.

The ageing process is inexorably part of our life cycle and unfortunately cannot be avoided but, thanks to the reactivation of sirtuins, it can be counteracted. The ageing of cells and of the entire organism is therefore not linked to age but rather to a complexity of factors such as genetic predisposition, air pollution, stress, bad habits linked to sedentariness and the consumption of alcohol and smoking, etc. It is therefore important, to ensure healthy longevity, to follow a balanced diet and to resort to anti-aging supplements at an early stage.

Anti-aging supplements

Anti-aging supplements, the sirtuins

As already mentioned, already around the age of 30-35 years the body begins a progressive decay internally, mainly linked to the decline in the production of sirtuins, a class of proteins that regulate physiological mechanisms and metabolic pathways within the human body. This is why they should be stimulated through the intake of anti-aging supplements, characterised by top-quality polyphenol-based ingredients, to promote a healthy longevity free of the chronic diseases that usually characterise old age, preventing diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and hyperglycaemia.

Anti-aging supplements are therefore the right choice to aspire to a better longevity and, above all, to ensure an ageing phase free of those degenerative diseases that normally characterise it.

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