Company Sirtlife

Company SirtLife Corporation is founded in the United States with the aim of bringing to market a line of natural food supplements that stimulate the body’s own production of sirtuins.

Sirtuins are proteins with proven beneficial properties that regulate important metabolic and cell regeneration processes in the body, preventing the onset of age-related diseases and improving energy intake and resistance to stress. Thanks to the use of natural components, processed using solvent-free procedures, SirtLife creates exclusive products that help the body perform physiological functions, control inflammation and anti-oxidative defence, and slow down cellular ageing.

The Sirtlife team

The strength of Sirtlife’s multidisciplinary team lies in the synergy between professionals from diverse backgrounds, experts in the areas of start-up structuring, management, marketing and pharmaceuticals.

The team of Company SirtLife benefits from the collaboration of luminaries in the medical field, universities and research centres of international relevance.

Company Sirtlife corporation, manufacturer of the natural metabolism-boosting supplements Sirt500 Plus and Lipo

An international brand

Following the success of a pilot test on the Italian market conducted on the SIRT500 and SIRT500 Plus products, Sirtlife launched a more powerful version of the same product and expanded the line with new products, such as LIPO, based on the results of the latest scientific research.

Since the end of 2021, Company SirtLife has officially become an international brand, with new distributors in Europe and the USA.

Only certified products

Sirt500 Plus is a natural product with proven reverse-aging and prevention properties, LIPO is a natural product with proven metabolism-accelerating properties. All Sirtlife products are authorised by the Ministry of Health for sale throughout Europe.

Sirtlife product certification - Italian Ministry of Health

Sirtlife partners

With the aim of achieving ever new goals and ambitions, Sirtlife works with partners with proven professional experience and scientific advice from some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign universities. The guarantee and effectiveness of its products are fundamental aspects. For this reason, the company strives every day to prove their medical and scientific validity.

Sirtlife Partners - Tor Vergata University, Bruno farmaceutici, Diabetes Research Institute, San Raffaele University, La Sapienza University