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MENOPAUSE AND REMEDIES: changing physiological processes and accelerating metabolism

Menopause and remedies

The menopause is the process that begins around the age of 40/45 in women and is characterised by the change of certain physiological processes that occur in the human body due to the onset of major hormonal changes that, together with advancing age and the resulting changes, make it much more difficult to maintain a healthy figure and good health free of annoying symptoms.

Phases of menopause and remedies such as taking specific supplements to counteract its symptoms go hand in hand. It is indeed around this age, during this phase of existential change, that women need to accelerate their metabolism to avoid gaining weight and losing shape. With proper care, a good lifestyle and taking good supplements to speed up the metabolism, the result is achievable. Seeing yourself well in the mirror and maintaining a good relationship with your body during the menopause is, in short, possible.

menopause and remedies

Menopause and remedies, metabolism accelerators

The hormonal changes brought about by the menopause bring about transformations in one’s body; some women begin to experience the first signs with sudden hot flashes, mood swings, irregularity and insomnia, and weight gain. Oestrogen levels drop, consequently slowing down the cell renewal processes affecting the heart, bones and muscles, while the basal metabolic rate, which is essential for the body’s basic functions such as breathing and digestion, slows down as a result of the physiological loss of muscle mass.

Understanding how to speed up metabolism during the menopause is important not only to keep the needle of the scales under control and for aesthetic reasons, but also and above all to prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity and high cholesterol, all diseases whose risk level increases precisely during the menopause.

Menopause and remedies for the symptoms such as choosing to take the right natural metabolism-accelerating supplements, rich in minerals and top-quality polyphenols such as Sirtlife products, are therefore the solution to combating the symptoms of the menopause and aspiring to better longevity while also ensuring an ageing phase free of the degenerative diseases that normally characterise it.

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