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PERFECT TAN: stimulate it with foods rich in polyphenols and antioxidants

Perfect tan

First of all, it is good to remember that exposure to the sun is beneficial and regenerating if done in moderation and with the use of specially protective sun creams, while it becomes dangerous if excessive; the correct absolute amount is undoubtedly an individual factor and depends on multiple factors such as skin type, family history of skin cancer and any other concomitant medical conditions.

But undoubtedly, from the point of view of prevention, moderate exposure to the sun is very important to avoid Vitamin D deficiency in particular, which is indispensable for the wellbeing of our immune system and much more, and often helps to avoid falling into states of seasonal depression (SAD) by giving peace of mind. Incidentally, a perfect tan is usually synonymous with physical activity in the open air which, as we all know, can do nothing but good.

Perfect tan

Perfect tan, ideal foods

Exposure to UV rays, whether we are talking about the sun or tanning lamps, provides a perfect tan but also risks skin damage as it is the direct cause of cellular lesions that can even have a tumourous evolution; the generation of free radicals, unstable substances that trigger inflammatory processes, is also not of secondary importance. In this regard, various scientific literature shows how antioxidants can effectively protect us from the above-mentioned phenomena.

Among the most studied antioxidants are vitamins C, E, A, zinc, selenium, beta carotene, Omega-3 and polyphenols. Foods rich in these valuable substances are basically fruit and vegetables in general. For example, beta carotene can be obtained from carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, melon, apricots and mangoes. Omega-3s are mainly found in sardines, mackerel and salmon; for vegans, walnuts and linseed oil. Vitamin C from oranges, lemons, strawberries, raspberries and some vegetables such as broccoli and peppers; Vitamin E from walnuts, almonds and especially from extra virgin olive oil.

Perfect tan

Polyphenols, on the other hand, are found in superfoods of excellence, such as green and black tea, and in various specific supplements which, in addition to guaranteeing us a perfect tan, are no less important in ensuring, through the reactivation of sirtuins, a healthy longevity and an ageing phase free of those degenerative diseases that normally characterise it.

Editorial staff SIRT500 – The Fountain of Youth

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