SIRT500 features

Sirt500 Plus is a high-end natural supplement which, by reactivating sirtuins, is able to naturally promote cell renewal, slowing down ageing and strengthening the immune system. Its exclusive patent contains activators of sirtuins, a class of proteins studied since the 1990s by the Australian biologist David Sinclair and described as “the fountain of youth” par excellence because it actually slows down aging.

Sinclair and his research team realised that these enzyme proteins begin to decline after the age of 35 until the body stops producing them altogether after the age of 60. The discovery of a correlation between sirtuins and aging led to an intensive search for compounds that could increase sirtuin activity, such as Sirt500 Plus.

Features of SIRT500 Plus

SIRT500 features – Reverse Aging

Sirt500 Plus is now an innovative reverse aging product whose molecules can ‘mimic’ the anti-aging effects of calorie restriction by reactivating the key proteins Sirt 1, Sirt 2, Sirt 3 and Sirt 6, which perform different functions but are all involved in regulating a wide variety of processes, from metabolism to neuro-degeneration.

Sirt500 Plus has proven reverse-aging and preventative properties and is authorised by the Italian Ministry of Health for sale throughout Europe. Supplementation of sirtuins in the diet could increase life expectancy by up to 20 years.

Sirtuins are also involved in regulating the physiological processes of weight loss and work on insulin resistance, the mechanism at work when we eat sweets or refined foods. In particular, the glucoside resvenatrol (Politadin), a polyphenol found naturally in grapes and various species of blueberries and berries, counteracts skin aging by protecting it from wear and tear caused by external factors.

Features of SIRT500 Plus

Sirt500 Plus is the result of intensive research and has been developed with the valuable collaboration of microbiologists and biochemists from the University of Tor Vergata, the San Raffale Research Institute, La Sapienza University and the University of Miami. For optimal performance of its functions, it is essential to combine Sirt500 with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, both of which are necessary for the well-being of our body and our organism.