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SIRTUINS AND BENEFITS: a fit and healthy summer

Sirtuins and benefits

Sirtuins are proteins naturally produced by our bodies in large quantities until around the age of 35, when they inexorably begin to decrease exponentially. There are seven of them and they oversee multiple beneficial functions, which is why they are also called the ‘longevity‘ or ‘youth‘ proteins. They provide a stronger immune system, regularised sleep cycles, strong and well-lubricated cartilage, a healthy heart and organs, an accelerated metabolism and enhanced brain activity.

Energetic homeostasis is the state of well-being and balance of the human body, a state that is naturally guaranteed by our body’s own production of sirtuins. An optimal physical condition that unfortunately, with advancing years and the inevitable onset of disease, is waning. A condition that, as noted by qualified scientific research, can be effectively regained by reactivating and stimulating sirtuins, bringing considerable benefits.

sirtuins and benefits

Sirtuins and benefits, scientific research

Early studies in the 1990s on sirtuins and benefits, taken up by Professor David Sinclair of Harvard and Professor David della Morte Canosci in Italy, were the forerunners in the study of these proteins, and, as Marco Menichelli, co-founder of SirtLife Corporation, a world-leading company in the production of supplements that naturally stimulate sirtuins production, states, “they act in a particular way on the immune system, metabolism, brain and neurons, but also on the cardiovascular system. They are a panacea for everyone, which is why supplements such as Sirt500 Plus, for example, can fill that deficit that the human body alone can no longer achieve.

A study conducted with Professor Camillo Ricordi and Silvano Zanuso of Wellness Foundation, adds Menichelli, “clearly shows how certain types of sport can stimulate natural sirtuin production, but up to a certain age. An elderly person, for example, will obtain great benefits from sporting activity, but not the natural stimulation of sirtuins, unless helped by supplementation or fasting. A competitive sportsman, for example, cannot afford fasting, so dietary supplementation plays a central role in such cases.”

sirtuins and benefits

Sirtuins and benefits, quality supplements

But how do we distinguish quality supplements from more commercial ones? The answer, Menichelli points out talking about sirtuins and benefits, lies in “composition, supporting scientific studies and the reputation of the company producing them for seriousness, professionalism, safety and reliability. Our products are all meticulously tested. A practice that I would like to see extended to all companies dealing with food supplements, precisely because it becomes very important with respect to the modulation of the formulation, composition and weight of the compound itself. Very important, in this respect, are the GMP (Good manufacturing production) certifications and then the supporting scientific publications.

The company SirtLife, for example, has its roots in a well-defined path anchored in scientific research. Giovanni Ciallella in 2017 was already following David Sinclair‘s company, Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, and decided to fund research. Having created the first version of one of the products in the line, SirtLife Corporation led by our CEO Guglielmo Carsana was subsequently born, co-financed by important names on the international scene between the United States and Europe.

sirtuins and benefits

Sirtuins and benefits, what’s new

The work, investments, studies and commitment have led to the hoped-for success without losing sight of the goal of continuous improvement. Numerous VIPs in Italy and the USA have already spontaneously taken to social media to positively review our products.

Among the novelties announced by SirtLife is LIPO, a natural ‘booster’ to accompany Sirt500 Plus to speed up metabolism and improve lipid absorption. “This is an excellent cue to emphasise, among other things, that there is no ‘magic pill’ for losing weight, but that only a balanced lifestyle, exercise, a healthy diet and the right supplementation can help us achieve this goal,” Menichelli concluded.

Sirtuins and benefits, the right combination to aspire to a better longevity and above all to ensure an ageing phase free of those chronic diseases that normally characterise it.

Editorial Staff SIRT500 – The Fountain of Youth

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