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SIRTUINS AND FITNESS: reactivating longevity genes.

Sirtuins and fitness

The importance and significance of sirtuins and fitness during the ageing phase has long been studied by scientists who have, in numerous studies such as this one, highlighted the fundamental role of these proteins that can combat the signs of ageing and, above all, protect us from the degenerative diseases that characterise the ageing phase of the human body.

Proteins that we produce naturally up to the age of 30/35 years and which gradually decrease with time until they disappear completely around the age of 60. But the real news is that there are methods for reactivating them, thus guaranteeing all the substantial benefits that sirtuins provide, regulating all the physiological and metabolic processes of our body, bringing well-being and longevity.

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In this study, for example, it was shown that physical activity stimulates the formation of sirtuins in skeletal muscles, while their effect depends on the type of movement; as has also been shown in the case of caloric restriction and in numerous controlled diets with the provision of specific polyphenol-based supplements including, above all, resveratrol and polydatin.

Sirtuins and fitness are therefore the right combination to aspire to better longevity and above all to ensure an ageing phase free of those chronic diseases that normally characterise it.

Editorial Staff SIRT500 – The fountain of youth

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