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SIRTUINS AND SKIN: effectively fighting skin ageing by reactivating sirtuins.

Sirtuins and skin

There are several genes that have a huge impact on the skin. The research laboratories of the most famous cream brands first focused on the activation of the famous skin longevity gene, sirt-1. Then they also discovered how all sirtuins (the proteins that increase longevity) are essential for skin cell activity. Activating sirtuins with specific supplements can therefore have a major impact and increase the activity of skin fibroblasts to help combat aging. Sirtuins and skin, a strong combination to maintain healthy and supple skin unharmed by the signs of ageing.

There is growing evidence for the importance of sirtuins in longevity, metabolism and stress control. Sirtuins are evolutionarily well-conserved proteins found in mammalian cells, where they help maintain energy levels, control inflammation and support repair. Over the years, various research groups worldwide have made much progress in understanding the importance of sirtuins (also called longevity proteins) in maintaining well-functioning skin.

Sirtuins and skin

Research shows that by taking sirt-1, 3 and 6 activators, mature skin cells, especially during the premenopausal and menopausal periods, tend to reverse their ageing profile by restarting their protein mechanisms such as collagen production. Many famous brands are working on this by offering new sirtuin-based creams, but the best solution is still to reactivate sirtuins from within with a rich and balanced diet high in polyphenols and above all by taking specific supplements.

Sirtuins and skin, a winning combination for maintaining young, healthy, well-groomed and radiant skin by stopping premature ageing

Editorial Staff Sirt500 – The Fountain of Youth

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