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SPEEDING UP METABOLISM: the solution to get through the swimming costume test

Speeding up metabolism

The summer season is just around the corner and inevitably the swimming costume test confronts us with the many extra inches of skin uncovered and often the evidence of a few extra kilos accumulated during the winter season. A situation that can be easily resolved by adopting timely measures such as a healthy diet, increased physical activity and the use of supplements to speeding up metabolism, indispensable for achieving optimal results in terms of healthy slimming.

A healthy diet, balanced in nutritional intake and calories, aided by taking supplements to speeding up metabolism, will get you to the result in no time at all, giving you the fitness you expect before you get under the umbrella. Rigid and unbalanced diets are to be avoided because paradoxically they tend to slow down the basal metabolism, i.e. the caloric requirement of our body when it is at rest and only performing basic vital functions such as breathing and digestion.

speeding up metabolism

Speeding up metabolism – the tricks

In addition to what has already been indicated, to speed up your metabolism and get into top physical shape, you need to adopt a few additional measures such as eating less and moving more, having a good breakfast to start the new day with the right sprint, and maintaining the two main meals of the day (lunch and dinner) favouring lots of vegetables and fruit in combination with carbohydrates instead of sugars and fats, without ever forgetting to hydrate sufficiently with 1.5/2 litres of water a day.

Losing weight in a healthy way, accelerating your metabolism, is not just about passing the swimming costume test but taking care of yourself by regaining perfect fitness and optimum health. Awakening metabolic processes, also helped by taking excellent natural supplements as well as improved and healthy lifestyle habits, can also help a lot to avoid the psychophysical stress to which we are all now exposed in modern society.

Accelerating the metabolism by taking the right natural supplements, rich in minerals and top-quality polyphenols such as Sirtlife products, is therefore the right solution for regaining optimal fitness and aspiring to a better longevity by ensuring an ageing phase free of those degenerative diseases that normally characterise it.

Editorial staff SIRT500 – The Fountain of Youth

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