Frequently asked questions

There are many anti-aging products on the market, why is SIRT500 Plus better?

Many anti-ageing products on the market focus on beauty and cosmetic treatments, whereas Sirt500 Plus, the dietary supplement developed on the basis of world-class scientific research, acts at a systemic level throughout the body.

What happens in my body from the moment I start taking SIRT500 Plus?

Sirt500 Plus activates the natural production process of sirtuins (Sirt 1-7) and acts at the cellular level. It is a natural product, designed to provide the human body with substances that support the healthy replication of all tissue cells. Sirt500 Plus works gradually, promoting cell renewal and respecting the natural calendar of replacement of old cells by new ones. The composition of Sirt500 Plus provides ingredients necessary for the activation of metabolism and rejuvenation of every single cell in the human body, eliminating toxins and harmful residues that accumulate in the cells during life and are responsible for premature aging. Sirt500 Plus supports the “reprogramming” of cells, promoting longevity and providing protection from age-related diseases.

What individuals are contraindicated from taking SIRT500 Plus?

There are no contraindications to Sirt500 Plus, except for those allergic to the active ingredients of the product. If this is the case, or if you have a chronic or serious medical condition, such as cancer or haemophilia, it is recommended that you consult your treating physician prior to continued use of Sirt500 Plus.

From what age is it recommended to take SIRT500 Plus?

Sirtuin production begins to decline after the age of 30-35. It would therefore be advisable to supplement your diet with Sirt500 Plus around this age.

Can SIRT500 Plus cure diseases? If so, which ones?

Sirt500 Plus is designed to strengthen the immune system and protect the human body from age-related diseases. It provides certain foods, in the form of extracts, which are unlikely to be taken as part of any diet. Sirt500 Plus is a dietary supplement, not a medicine, and you should always consult a physician in the event of an illness.

Is it true that taking SIRT500 Plus regularly makes me younger?

Clinical tests have shown that prolonged and continuous use of Sirt500 Plus rejuvenates all cells in the human body, including neurons. Decreasing biological age by 15-40% and extending human life expectancy is now possible, while still following a healthy lifestyle.

What are sirtuins?

Sirtuins or Sirt2 proteins are a class of proteins with enzymatic activity; they act as histone deacetylases or mono-ribosyltransferases. Sirtuins regulate important metabolic pathways in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The name is derived from a regulatory silencing gene in yeast, which is involved in the regulation of cell development. Sirtuins mediate phenomena such as ageing, transcriptional regulation, apoptosis, stress resistance and also influence energy efficiency and vigilance during low-calorie situations (calorie restriction).

I have started taking SIRT500 Plus but I am not seeing any results. How soon do I start to see improvements?
The perception of changes associated with the constant and prolonged use of Sirt500 Plus is entirely individual. In older people, the effects are already felt during the first week of use, while in healthy younger people, the first beneficial effects can be achieved in the first 4 to 8 weeks. The first beneficial effects are:
– improved sleep
– increased resistance to mental and physical stress;
– more physical and mental energy.
How many tablets of SIRT500 Plus should I take each day?

Two tablets daily, in the morning and evening.

Should SIRT500 Plus be taken on an empty or full stomach?

Sirt500 Plus can be taken either on an empty or full stomach.

Were there any collateral effects?

Each Sirt500 Plus tablet is made up of natural plant extracts such as blueberry, pomegranate, magnolia with the addition of certain minerals and vitamin B group (RDA). There are no expected side effects other than those from allergies to the above foods.

What are the benefits of SIRT500 Plus?

Sirt500 Plus is a dietary supplement containing extracts of certain plants rich in SIRT activators (called STACS). Sirt500 Plus is designed to provide daily doses of selected SIRT activators, with the aim of stimulating constant cell renewal as it occurs in a young body. The composition of Sirt500 Plus is designed to replace your daily intake of fruit and vegetables containing enough STACS to promote cell renewal, an amount that would otherwise be difficult to consume in an everyday diet. For example, to consume the relevant amount of a substance capable of stimulating the production of SIRT 1 and SIRT 2, you would need to consume 5-6 kilos of blueberries and 5 litres of fresh pomegranate juice per day. Sirt500 Plus is designed to ensure the constant presence of slow-absorbing SIRT activating molecules in the human body for prolonged anti-ageing and immune defence effects throughout the day. Sirt500 Plus contains natural extracts which, in their maximum synergy, are able to promote the production of all sirtuins (SIRT – 1,2,3,4,5,6,7), increasing the level of their presence in the body by 3 to 14 times. Sirt500 Plus contains Polydatin (a stilbenoid glycoside derived from Resveratrol), the effectiveness of which has been documented in many scientific studies. The formula of Sirt500 Plus provides targeted intervention to stimulate continuous renewal of healthy cells in the nervous system, skin, bone tissue, muscles and internal organs. Maintaining high sirtuin levels supports a responsive and efficient immune system. Sirt500 Plus also provides ingredients and substances such as vitamins, antioxidants and elements, which support the effective absorption of these substances from the human digestive tract.