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FITNESS & BODYBUILDING: role of sirtuins and mitochondrial activity


Sirtuins and their function in anti-aging and maintaining optimal health are increasingly important in the diets of athletes in activities such as fitness and bodybuilding, both professional and amateur. The scientific literature on these proteins is increasingly detailed, robust and convincing. In addition to acting as silencers of specific DNA regions, they also have an equally important direct effect on maintaining mitochondrial health. Indeed, an efficient mitochondrion is synonymous with a healthy cell over time.

But how are these special proteins, so sought after by fitness and bodybuilders, activated? Essentially, there are two overlapping methods, at least in part:

In recent years, the scientific literature on mitochondrial function has accumulated, emphasising the relationship between functioning mitochondria, free radical production and systemic inflammation. It is now certain that many of the diseases of ageing are directly attributable to impaired mitochondrial function and that reactivating sirtuins really does make a difference in preventing the onset of various degenerative diseases by restoring well-being and energy despite the advance of time.

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