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HEALTHY LONGEVITY: mechanisms to activate it discovered.


That fitness is a real panacea for general health has been known for some time, but what mechanisms are responsible for its beneficial effect had never been clear, until now. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami, the Wellness Foundation and Tor Vergata University in Rome has identified the switches to healthy longevity that physical activity would turn on.

These are the so-called SIRT genes responsible for the production of proteins, called sirtuins (there are a total of 7) that would have surprising effects on the duration and quality of life. The results of the study, published in the Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation also show that different types of sport are associated with a spontaneous production of sirtuins.

Sirtuins whose production begins to decrease around 30 years of age to diminish almost completely around 60 years of age; but the good news is that, by taking a series of natural substances that scientists have been able to encapsulate in a single compound called SIRT500 Plus (A5+), the subject of studies and publications from universities and research centers in different parts of the world, they can be reactivated. This is, as pointed out by Marco Menichelli (University of Rome Tor Vergata, Fit4Pandemic, SirtLife Corp), a single supplement, in tablet or spray form, that mimics the effect of exercise on healthy longevity, whose effects “are soon visible and translate into a state of physical and mental well-being already after a few days“.

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