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MELANOCARPA ARONIA: potential role on Covid-19 infection


Endothelial dysfunction in patients with metabolic syndrome plays an important role in the development of Covid-19 complications. Any activity that leads to a reduction of inflammatory processes in the endothelium and improvement of microcirculatory function is beneficial. Polyphenolic compounds have the potential to show a beneficial effect in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19, and as verified in this research, the polyphenolic extract of Aronia melanocarpa shows promise.
The Covid-19 pandemic marks the time in which we live. More than 167 million people have been infected to date, and more than 3 million have died. The increase in cardiometabolic risk factors during Covid-19 was due to isolation and a sedentary lifestyle, as well as increased food intake, among other factors. This research confirmed the relationship between the severity of cardiometabolic disease and the development of clinical exacerbation of Covid-19, with metabolic syndrome being a significant inducer of disease complications.

The strong anti-inflammatory action of polyphenols, as well as a high degree of bacteriostatic and antiviral activity, including activity against SARS-CoV-2 virus has been demonstrated by various clinical studies. Aronia melanocarpa extract in in vitro experiments leads to direct inactivation of various viral cultures: influenza A (99.99%), SARS-CoV-2 virus (96.98%) and adenovirus (93.23%). With its systemic action, Aronia melanocarpa extract is able to significantly influence the symptoms and parameters of metabolic syndrome, so as such it is a logical and effective dietary supplement choice in the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 symptoms.

Editorial Staff La Fonte della Giovinezza

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