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MENOPAUSE: natural nutritional principles to combat its disorders.

Big change

The interruption of oestrogen and progesterone production is at the root of menopausal complaints. The menopausal body therefore needs to supplement essential vitamins and minerals, not only to cope with ageing, but also to prevent osteoporosis. We’re talking about the benefits of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, but also C, E, K and B6, zinc, selenium and especially the reactivation of sirtuins.

Sirtuins are among the substances most likely to predispose to a healthy metabolism and body weight. They are activated under conditions of low-calorie diets, fasting or exercise. In particular, SIRT1 is directly involved in fat reduction, muscle energy production, and the balance of glucose and blood cholesterol. Several scientific studies have highlighted the importance of certain polyphenols in regulating SIRT1.

To help the body cope with the change and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of this period, premenopausal and menopausal supplements can be taken. In particular, they help to counteract the accumulation of excess body fat, promote a well-functioning metabolism and, above all, counteract the cellular ageing and fatigue typical of menopause.

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