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NUTRITION: well-being and longevity thanks to sirtuins.


In Japan, it has been discovered how sirtuins increase our longevity. The study was conducted on the inhabitants of Okinawa, an island where the population is among the longest-lived on the planet. And the “secret” was soon revealed and seems to be linked to their diet and lifestyle.

In fact, their restricted diet seems to result in a high level of resistance to stress, but above all, it can effectively slow down the natural ageing process. The marvellous biological self-defence mechanism that the body develops during ‘famine’ activates the sirtuins.

Sirtuins are de-acetylating enzymes that first and foremost promote the use of fats as an energy source by converting them into ketone bodies, but above all they dramatically reduce inflammatory processes and at the same time increase antioxidant cells by reducing oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction, all processes that slow down ageing and defend us against chronic diseases, not only helping us to survive but also to live better and longer.

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