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RICORDI: hope against Covid from a ‘mix of natural substances’.

The study

The news, reported by AdnKronos, comes directly from Italian scientist Camillo Ricordi, director of the Diabetes Research Institute and Cell Transplant Centre at Miami University in the US. The study was conducted by researchers from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, La Sapienza University of Rome, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Irccs and San Raffaele University Rome.

Prof. Ricordi points out that research has shown that ‘a combination of natural substances (polyphenols and sirtuin activators) inhibits viral replication and reduces inflammation. Trans-resveratrol, pterostilbene, ellagic acid and onochiol are key ingredients in the A5+ compound contained in SIRT500 Plus. This product was originally developed to slow down the ageing process. The results obtained in several cell lines demonstrated for the first time a significant inhibition of viral replication after infection with both influenza A and Sars-CoV-2 viruses.”

Researcher Ricordi adds: “International researchers are working on a project that started as the ‘Batman Project‘ and is now renamed Fit4Pandemic.org, which aims to make the human species ‘resistant’ to severe viral infections, autoimmunity (from type 1 diabetes to the 100 other autoimmune diseases that affect 20% of the population) and chronic age-related diseases (affecting over 90% of the over 60s) also associated with severe complications of Covid-19. Bats have learned, by evolving over the past 70-80 million years, to become resistant to such pandemics. The goal is now to make the human species resistant as well.”

Editorial Staff La Fonte della Giovinezza

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