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SIRTUINS: role of exercise and natural protective substances on sirtuin activation.

Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are a major contributor to the $3.8 trillion in annual healthcare costs in the US. International laboratories are increasingly focused on fitness and preventive strategies because prolonging healthy survival is not only desirable, but also a moral goal of any responsible modern society. Indeed, in addition to preventing human suffering, prolonging healthy lifespans could save over $7 trillion in the US alone.

Sirtuins (SIRTs) play an important role in the maintenance of cellular homeostasis, the most studied of which are nuclear SIRT (SIRT1) and mitochondrial SIRT (SIRT3), which have a significant impact on human lifespan by modulating cellular metabolic processes. These proteins begin to decline after the age of 35, and after the age of 60 they are minimally produced by the human body.

The progressive decrease of sirtuins leads to a series of overall inefficiencies in the human body, contributing to the loss of personal autonomy, with deterioration and shortening of healthy lifespan and overall longevity. This scientific research outlines the potential synergistic and complementary role of exercise and supplementation with selected protective substances in SIRT activation and well-being to prevent or delay the progression of age-related chronic diseases.

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